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Organicchems recognizes that augmenting customer contentment forms a pivotal foundation for its advancement, and customer-centricity ranks as one of the fundamental principles that we, at Organicchems, cherish and strive to sustain. Our ambition is to furnish the ultimate customer experience. Nevertheless, if you encounter any quandaries or apprehensions regarding our services, we urge you to consult this policy, delineating comprehensive guidelines for addressing customer concerns.

The Corporate Customer Assistance Policy is meticulously devised, aligning with regulatory directives and other pertinent legislation concerning Customer Service. The policy delineates a structured approach towards addressing customer complaints.

The Company interprets customer grievances as instances of shortfall or discrepancy in the stipulated level of service extended to patrons. These complaints may arise due to violations in committed turnaround times, unmet customer requests, payment-related issues, among others. It is expressly clarified that the Company exclusively serves as an online intermediary connecting vendors enlisted on the PharmEasy platform to consumers, and we neither exercise control over nor possess ownership of the commodities vended through our platform. As a result, all concerns pertaining to the suitability, marketability, and sufficiency of these products rest with the seller/retail collaborators. We shall ardently endeavor to assist in resolving product-related concerns through these entities. We also encourage you to peruse the FAQs available at, as they could offer insight into resolving specific inquiries related to orders, returns, payments, Wallets, etc.

The primary aim of this policy encompasses:
Ensuring equitable treatment of all customers on a consistent basis.
Promptly and courteously addressing all complaints, requests, and inquiries lodged by customers within 24 hours from the time of complaint initiation on our portal.

Apprising customers about avenues to escalate their grievances and their entitlement to further escalation if they remain dissatisfied with the response provided by the Customer Service Team.

The Company’s customer service unit is accessible via telephone calls, live chat sessions, and electronic mails. The customer’s concern will be acknowledged and subsequently recorded in the appropriate system.

For each operational process, the Company has stipulated turnaround times. The disclosure of these times will be facilitated during the course of a discussion on the pertinent topic. To enable us to deliver an exemplary customer experience and to maintain efficacy in customer support and care functions, we earnestly entreat you to adhere to the prescribed escalation protocol as outlined below.

Tier 1: Customer Support:
Customers can reach out to our customer service unit via a phone call at +5511953778964, engage in a chat session through the application or website, or dispatch an email to This channel provides online resolutions for your inquiries/complaints across various platforms. The team will acknowledge and respond to your concerns/queries within 24 business hours from the receipt of your query/concern through any of the three accessible channels. An escalation hierarchy is available in each communication channel, affording you the opportunity to engage with the immediate supervisors of the agents whenever necessary. Please avail yourself of this recourse to seek assistance in resolving your inquiry.

Tier 2: Grievance Officer:
In the event that your inquiry remains unresolved for a span of 7 days subsequent to reaching out to our Tier 1 Customer Support, you possess the prerogative to escalate the matter to our Grievance Officer. You can communicate with our Grievance Officer – Mr. Himanshu – at, supplying the details of your interactions with our customer support team at Tier 1. We commit to respond within 48 business hours from the date of receipt of your email. We assure you of our utmost diligence in striving to resolve your inquiries at the earliest, in accordance with the timelines prescribed under applicable statutes.

The Company categorically DOES NOT solicit sensitive particulars such as your OTP/CVV/PIN/Card Number via Calls/SMS/WhatsApp/Surveys/mail/Links or any alternative means. We urge you to report any such suspicious activities to

The operational hours of the Grievance Redressal cell are from Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Non-business days include the 26th of January, the 15th of August, the 2nd of October, and major festivals in India.

The Company periodically reviews this policy and effectuates modifications/amendments as per the dictates of regulatory guidelines and other pertinent legislation, aligning with business requisites.

The Company relies upon its retail and payment partners. Consequently, in uncommon instances, delays in resolution may arise due to factors beyond our jurisdiction, subsequent to the initiation of an investigation with these entities. Rest assured, we are committed to minimizing any exceedance of resolution timelines.

Grievances associated with non-returnable commodities will be addressed in accordance with the Company’s return policy.

Grievances emanating from situations wherein customers have disclosed their details to unauthorized individuals, resulting in financial leakages, fall outside the purview of this policy (Scam webpages, Numbers, Callers, etc.).

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